On these recipe pages you’ll find the inspiration and information you need to cook with the Sichuan ingredients we import for The Mala Market. We are Taylor Holliday and Fongchong Havighurst, and our mother-daughter venture began with this blog, which we started in 2014 to document our adventures in learning to cook Sichuan food in America.

One of us joined a new family in the U.S. at age 11 and refused to eat anything but real Chinese food, and the other one had to learn in a hurry how to cook it for her. We discovered through the years that the secret to making food that tastes like it would in China is using the same ingredients that are used in China. By 2017 the two of us were traveling to China regularly to source Sichuan heritage products—most of which had never been available before in the U.S.—and share them with other home cooks (and not a few chefs) back home.

Taylor, a former arts and travel journalist (WSJ, NYT), is CEO, importer, cook and writer, and Fongchong, now a university student, is fulfillment manager, translator and chief taster. Our shared obsession with málà—Sichuan’s numbing and spicy cuisine—helped us bond as mother and daughter all those years ago and still keeps Fongchong connected to her homeland. Over the years, we’ve also invited several other mother-daughter teams to join us in sharing recipes from their families’ home regions.

Whether your connection to Chinese food is through your immigrant or multicultural family, world travel, or simply the love of a Chinese restaurant down the street, the mission of both our store and blog is to help you make the best Chinese of your life!

Taylor & Fongchong’s Favorite Sichuan Recipes

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Our Contributors

Kathy and Mala Mama

Kathy Yuan has been a frequent contributor and the managing editor of The Mala Market recipe blog since 2021. She is a first-gen, twenty-something daughter of two Sichuan immigrants who cooked her way back to her parents’ kitchen during the pandemic and is now helping Ma (you can call her Mala Mama) keep generational family recipes alive. Kathy shares both parents’ memories of growing up in Sichuan and how they’ve continued to make everything—from wind-cured meats to Sichuan chili oil to homestyle braises and soups—that reminds them of home.

Kathy & Mala Mama’s Favorite Sichuan Recipes

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Zoe and Iris

Zoe Yang is a Brooklyn-based writer and recipe developer. She was born, raised and culinarily trained in Nanjing, China. Iris Zhao, her mother, is a retired schoolteacher living in Boston who immigrated from Nanjing in the ’90s. Iris taught herself how to make a lot of Jiangnan classics—even the difficult ones—from scratch when she landed Stateside, and she passed that love of culinary discovery on to Zoe. Together they are sharing mother-daughter recipes from southeast China for The Mala Market. Zoe’s recipes and writing can also be found on Bon Appetit, TheKitchn.com and her personal site: zoeyijingyang.com.

Zoe & Iris’s Favorite Jiangnan Recipes

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Michelle Zhao contributed recipes to The Mala Market from 2020 to 2023, when she ran No Sweet Sour, an Instagram and blog-based community sharing recipes and stories from Yunnan, the southwest province where she was born and raised. Growing up in the capital city of Kunming, Michelle was exposed to many minority cuisines, including Yi, Hui (回), Dai (傣) and Bai (白), all of which she missed after moving to Norway. In 2023, Michelle brought those memories and flavors to the Norwegian city of Bergen with her very own restaurant. You can now find her @banzharestaurant.

Michelle’s Favorite Yunnan Recipes

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