For Chinese-food lovers who don’t love chilies, and for when you need a break from the heat, look below for our favorite non-spicy Chinese dishes. Homey classics include Century Egg and Pork Congee and Shanghai Hongshaorou, and Yunnan Mushroom Hotpot if you’re cooking for a party!

There’s a misconception in the West that all Sichuan food is spicy, but a typical meal there includes a thoughtful mix of both fiery and mild dishes that complement each other and range across the 23 official Sichuan complex flavor profiles—of which only 10 feature chilies or Sichuan pepper. Read Fuchsia Dunlop’s indispensable The Food of Sichuan for discussion on the 23 official flavor combinations, as well as additional newer ones that Sichuan chefs employ to hit every flavor note in the spectrum.

All Non-Spicy