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Saveur magazine is conducting its annual search for the best food blogs.

I wouldn’t mind an award, but what I really want is more people who love Sichuan food to know about The Mala Project (now The Mala Market Blog). It’s very hard for a new blogger to get the word out beyond her (and her friends’ and relatives’) circles.

If you like The Mala Project, we Spicy Girls would be so appreciative if you could take one minute to nominate it for Saveur’s Blog Awards 2015, right here. Preferably in the Best New Voice category. Nominations close March 13, 2015.

Thank you and xiexie!

Taylor and Fongchong

The fixins for Hot and Spicy Beef
ingredients for huiguorou
A how-to for Huiguorou (Twice-Cooked Pork)
fongchonog and mom
Me and my super taster in her homeland

About Taylor Holliday

The Mala Market all began when Taylor, a former journalist, created this blog as a place to document her adventures learning to cook Sichuan food for Fongchong, her recently adopted 11-year-old daughter. They discovered through the years that the secret to making food that tastes like it would in China is using the same ingredients that are used in China. The mother-daughter team eventually began visiting Sichuan’s factories and farms together and, in 2016, opened The Mala Market, America’s source for heritage Sichuan ingredients and Chinese pantry essentials.

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  1. Hi Taylor,
    I have just come across your blog via Google search for the Szechuan eggplant recipe. Sorry that I miss to nominate your blog. It is the best Szechan recipe ever I discover via Internet search! I must admit your recipe is authentic and the blog is interesting. Enjoy reading it.
    Thank you for the recipe!